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Four civilians killed by SLA-Mini Minawi faction in South Darfur


The four civilians killed on 15 March 2013 come from the Rezaigat ethnic group. Their names are:

  1. Mohammed Khier Yagoub Musa

  2. Musa Tahir

  3. Mohammed Musa Tahir

  4. Abkr Mahmoud

They were in a settlement south-east of Belieil, 35 km from Nyala in South Darfur when forces from the SLA/Mini Minawi, returning after an unsuccessful pursuit of Sudan Armed Forces, attacked their encampment and apparently killed them in cold blood.


Last week the government tried to mobilize Arab tribes to join the army in attacking a camp of SLA-Mini Minawi, in Angoga, 150 km south of Nyala on the way to Giraida in South Darfur. They failed to mobilize tribes but some individuals accompanied the army on its way to attack the SLA/MM camp. On Thursday 14 March 2013 the Sudan Armed Forces attacked the rebel camp and captured it. However, the following day, on Friday 15 March, the SLA/MM forces counter-attacked the government army and re-took the camp.

They then chased the withdrawing SAF up to the village of Galdi, near to Beleil, which is 35 km east of Nyala. Since this has a government army presence, the SLA/MM started to return. It was as they were returning that they attacked the nomad settlement south-east of Beleil. 

Missing individuals taken in apparent forced recruitment

The following nine people, civilians who appear to have been forced to join the SAF during the attack on Thursday 14 March, are missing:

  1. Habib Zakria Habib

  2. Khalid Ahmed Elsayed

  3. Abdelrahman Gibain

  4. Elamin Ahmed Elsayed

  5. Abaker Ahmed Elsayed

  6. Mukhtar Abdalla

  7. Yousif Alrakhi

  8. Abdalla Eisa Bakheit

  9. Mahmoud Ahmed Elsayed

Elamin Ahmed Elsayed, Abaker Ahmed Elsayed, Abdalla Eisa Bakheit and Mahmoud Ahmed Elsayed are believed to have been taken prisoner by SLA-Mini Minawi, as some of them have talked on the phone with relatives.

Danger to civilians in escalation of conflict in the region

There is a very large build up by the Rezaigat in Umdawanban, east of Beleil. These Rizeigat are said to be gathering to take revenge for their dead fellow-tribesman unlawfully killed in the nomad settlement.

SUDO (UK) condemns the killing of civilians by the SLA/MM and calls on the SLA/MM to bring to justice those officers responsible for the killing of civilians.

SUDO (UK) calls on the Government of Sudan to ensure that civilians are not forcibly recruited to take part in armed conflict, to release those recruited immediately and bring to justice those carrying out forced recruitment.

SUDO (UK) calls on SLA/MM to treat all detainees humanely and give them immediate access to the ICRC.

SUDO (UK) calls on the UNAMID forces to intervene proactively to ensure that civilian lives are protected.

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