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Flowup/South Kordofan- Kalogi Town 12th March 2015


The below are the names of those who were killed by the SPLM-N when they attacked Kalogi town on 12th March 2015 (for more information please go to SUDO UK updates)

1-Al-Sadig Adam Yagoup-X UNMIS employee

2-Al-Fateh Abdallah Gardood-

3-Mohamed Hamad Dafa-Allah

4-Mukhtar Osman Hussain

5-Fadlallah Abdo-Alraheem

6-Fadlallah Al-Fadil Abo-Keylaif

7-Al-Fadil Maki Al-Fadul

8-Abdo-Albagi Ali Abdo-Alkareem

9-Mohamed Ismail Khabash

10-Al-Haj Elyas

11-Osman Mohamed Rabat

12-Al-Nasree Mohamed Kargawail

13-Ibrahim Maki Al-Faki

14-Mohamed Hassan

15-Edrees Hassan

16-Al-Tom Edrees

17-Abdallah Wejay

18-Musa Ali Tay

19-Mudawi Koko

20-Ismail Wad-Al-omda

21-Saad Musa Yahya

22-Dafa-Allah Al-Teraife

23-Mohamed Malik

24-Al-Taj Abdallah (6yrs old)

SUDO UK condemns the attacks on civilian population and calls on the warring parties to abide by the humanitarian laws and not to endanger civilian population or civilian properties.

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