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Fifteen Merchants Abducted in Jebel Marra, Darfur


SUDO (UK) is concerned about continuous violence in Darfur. On 17th of September fifteen men were abducted by the Janjweed in Jebel Marra. The abducted merchants were traveling between Kabkabyia and Gildo in Jebel Marra. They were in two lorries which came with goods from Nyala to Kabkabyia and they were planned to carry agricultural goods from Gildo to Nayala.

They were stopped and abducted in Sagga half way between Kabkabyia and Gildo, the abductors are asking for 1,200,000 Sudanese pounds to release them.

Names of the abducted merchant, aged 30-50 years:-

  1. Adam Sharaf Omdah
  2. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
  3. Wad Jah
  4. Yahiya Abdul-Barry Adam
  5. Dawood Abdul-Kareem
  6. Abdurrahman Fadol Ahmed
  7. Yaqub  Sadiq Arbab
  8. Osman Hassan Salih
  9. Adam Idriss Mohamed
  10. Adil Ahmed Abdullah
  11. Amir Abdul-Razeg Adam
  12. Abdul-Salam Abakar Adam
  13. Faisal Ahmed Abdurrahman
  14. Ibrahim Ali Issa  
  15. Alfadil Ahmed Abdullah
  16. Abdullah Abdul-Jabbar Adam  

SUDO UK calls on the Sudanese Government to ensure the safety and the immediate release of the abducted merchant. The incident should be investigated and the perpetrators should be brought to justice. 

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