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Displacement of Civilians in Central, South and North Darfur the Rapid Support Force continues - 6th January 2015


There has been an increase from 45 villages either destroyed or evacuated, to a collosal number of 115. This has led to an upwards revision of estimated displacement that has now reached around 87,640. Some of those displaced, as in our previous update, have reached Tabit, Duma, Shangel Tobaye and Zamzam IDP Camps. However, thousands of those displaced are still stranded in an area called Hagar Tayib in Jebel Marra, between Fanga and Murtal. Fanga is around 35km south east of Tawila. 

Those who were forcibly displaced are currently without any assistance. They are facing increasingly difficult conditions due to the cold winter, lack of food, shelter, and adequate water supply.

Janjaweed militias are killing, raping, and looting the villages. Lorries, camels and horses are packed with goods from the looted villages and are then transported to nearby towns and cities. An estimated 56,100 heads of livestock have been looted. 

The following are just some of those who were killed:

From Fata and Foray villages:

From Naw and Torday villages

From Dolma-Fanga village

Examples for looted livestock

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Rapid Support Forces as well as the Janjaweed as these are consistently committing human rights abuses in Darfur. All those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations must be brought to justice

SUDO UK calls on UNAMID to take strong action in order to fulfil its mandate, including its obligation to “prevent attacks against civilians, within its capability and areas of deployment, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Government of the Sudan”, and the requirement “to investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible, and promote efforts to disarm the Janjaweed and other militias”

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