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Farmer Killed by Pro-Govt Militia Member, SLA-MM and LJM-AK Impose Checkpoints


On the 20th of October 2014 in SHARE’IYA locality around 20km east of SHARE’IYA village a farmer by the name of Mohammed Abdel Aziz Reesa, 25 years of age, was killed by pro-government militia men known as the ABO-DOR group, belonging to the brigade commander Al-SEIR, who is commander of the NYALA area. The body has been handed back to his family and buried in NYALA. Although the killing was not been reported to the police, his family was informed that the perpetrator has been arrested and he will face a military trail.

Elsewhere in WADI MORA area south of ABU ZERAGA village a group contain some dissidents from the SLA-MM and LJM-AK groups have been active in imposing fees on buses and Lorries as well as on civilian livestock. The fees are as follows: 200 SDG on buses and Lorries; about 20 litres of fuel from each vehicle; and 20 SDG on each 100 head of livestock.

This group carry out their operations on around 4 Land Cruisers and have some heavy machine guns.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Janjaweed and other pro-government militias, and investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible for committing human rights abuses;

SUDO UK condemns the killing and ill-treatment of civilians and calls on all armed groups to adhere to international humanitarian laws, stop harassing and targeting the civilian population, stop the unlawful looting and confiscation of civilian property and hand those who are responsible for the acts of ill-treatment and looting to justice.

UNAMID must immediately act to fulfil its mandate to protect civilians in Darfur. It must fully investigate human rights abuses by all parties and make the report of investigations public.

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