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Darfur Incidents - 04/09 to 08/09


At 10 pm on Wednesday 4th September, Ibrahim Ismail Ahmed, 38years old, a merchant from the Zagawa ethnic group was shot while in front of his house by two persons riding a motor bike at Hai Almazad, in Nyala, Darfur. He was injured and transferred to the hospital.

On Thursday 5th September at 12:30 pm, Mudathir Abkr, a merchant from the Fur ethnic group, was stopped while driving his car near El Fashir Station, "Souq Almalaga", by un-identified armed men in a four-wheel drive vehicle. He was kidnapped to an unknown place. His car was left near "Souq Almawahi" and was not looted. Afterwards someone on a motor bike looted the money that had been left in the car.

A police patrol was attacked by un-identified armed men riding motorcycles at 10:30 pm. One policeman, Bahreldin Mohammed, was shot dead. Heavy gunfire was exchanged and the attackers managed to escape.

On Sunday 8th September, Mohammed Ibrahim, a member of the popular police force, was found dead in Hai Almatar, Nyala, and his gun was looted. He had been attacked by unknown persons with knives and swords.

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