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Darfur Incident Report: 16/09 to 19/09


On 16th September 2013 unidentified gunmen broke into the Dinka neighbourhood (Bentiu) in the west of Al Fasher travel market and killed Jumma Daing Martin and Injured three others.

On 17th September 2013, Al-Rasheed, who worked as a driver with the Health Insurance, and his seven month pregnant wife Umayma Bedawi, who worked in a prison, were killed in their home in Karraree by unidentified armed men. One of the shots killed the horse of their neighbour. The person who shot them was later arrested due to the efforts of the neighbours and he admitted that he has shot them because some other people were in conflict with Al-Rasheed over a piece of land and had given him 1,000 Sudanese pounds to kill him and the promise that after the killing he will be paid another 9,000 pounds.

On the same day at night, a women and her two children were attacked and killed at their home north of Nyala.

On the 18th September 2013, Ismail Wadi, a merchant in Nyala Market, was shot dead together with his nephew Mohammed Yaqoup Mohammed and his son Muzzamel, when they were attacked by unidentified armed men in Kongo road on their way home from the market.

On the following day, 19th September, people demonstrated and burned the office of the government secretariat, the Governor's office and two government vehicles. Three civilians were killed and more than twenty were injured.

The general security situation in Nyala and other areas of Darfur is worsening and the government is losing control even over its own militia.

SUDO (UK) believes that unless the people of Darfur can be involved in resolving the conflict the current situation is going to worsen and therefore calls for a holistic approach in addressing the conflict.

SUDO(UK) calls for the African Union - United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) to exercise its responsibilities and protect civilians in Darfur.

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