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Darfur Human Rights Report, November 2021


The security situation across Darfur remains critical. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are particularly at risk due to repeated attacks by militias and armed herders on camps. In the past month more than 30 civilians have been killed and dozens wounded in various incidents in West, South and North Darfur.

In particular, there are reports of missing children and instances of sexual violence following the incident between the Misseriya Jebel tribe and armed herders supported by the Rapid Support Forces. Similar incidents have taken place in Tawila and Shangil Tobaya in North Darfur, resulting in at least 10 deaths, dozens of injuries and an instance of sexual violence in Hilat Hajar village situated to the West of Tawila.

Incident Reports

- On November 7, Janjaweed militiamen killed two IDPs and injured another two from Rwanda IDP Camp in Tawila locality, North Darfur. The attack resulted from a confrontation where the victims protested the perpetrators forcibly grazing their livestock on their farm.

The two victims killed have been named as:

  1. Suleiman Adam Abdukarim Izzat;
  2. Abdulhamid Abdullah Mohamed Omar.

The injured were identified as:

  1. Abdullah Mohamed Issa;
  2. Najat Mohamed Adam Abdulkarim.

- On November 10, Janjaweed militiamen shot dead an IDP from Nivasha IDP Camp in Shangil Tobaya locality in North Darfur. Mohamed Al-Douma Adam Mohamed, aged 35, was killed as he returned home from his farm.

- On November 11, Janjaweed militiamen attacked Nivasha IDP Camp in Shangil Tobaya locality in North Darfur. The perpetrators attacked the camp from both the North and East, resulting in six IDPs sustaining injuries. Some 32 houses were burned down in the attack and a number of livestock were looted. The injured have been identified as:

  1. Babiker Adam Abdulmawla, 35;
  2. Abdullah Yagoub Abdullah, 33;
  3. Khadeeja Adam Abdullah, 45;
  4. Mohamed Yahya Abdullah, “teenager”;
  5. Ikhlas Sadiq Adam, 13;
  6. Noureldin Hussein Abdullah, 15.

- On November 12, Janjaweed militiamen killed Aisha Ahmed Mohamed, a 45-year-old IDP, in Adour village situated 17km to the north-east of Kabkabiya Town in North Darfur. The victim was working on her farm when militiamen on camels shot her dead.

- On November 13, Military Intelligence officials detained three IDPs from Nivisha IDP Camp in Shangil Tobaya locality in North Darfur. The detainees were named as:

  1. Ibrahim Adam Musa Hassan, 25;
  2. Abuelgasim Yousuf Adam, 37;
  3. Adam Musa Abu Shanab, 27.

- On November 14, members of the Rapid Support Forces killed Mohamed Ali Shatta, an IDP from Arkou IDP Camp. The militiamen, driving a 4X4 vehicle, shot dead the victim in the valley of Hilat Hjaj.

- On November 16, four IDPs from Hilat Hajar were attacked by a group of Janjaweed militiamen. The perpetrators assaulted all four and repeatedly raped a 25-year-old woman during the attack. The victims were transferred to Tawila hospital for treatment. The injured include:

  1. Name Withheld, 25, raped and beaten;
  2. Hawa Ahmed Suleiman, 40, stabbed and beaten;
  3. Halima Mahmoud, 31, lashed and beaten;
  4. Mohamed Bashir Abdullah, 40, beaten.

- Between November 17 and November 19, Janjaweed militiamen supported by the Rapid Support Forces raided and destroyed tens of villages in the Jebel Moon area of West Darfur. During this attack more than 17 civilians were killed, hundreds more were injured and displaced.

There were further reports that a number of civilians went missing during the attack, including children. It was reported the attackers used more than 23 vehicles, 180 motorbikes and dozens of camels and horses.

- On November 17, Janjaweed militiamen killed one IDP and injured two others from Hilat Joo situated in Tawila locality in North Darfur.

Al Amin Adam Haggar Mohamed, aged 42, was killed, whilst Mohamed Haroun and Mohamed Saleh were injured in the attack.

- On November 18, Janjaweed militiamen killed one IDP and injured another in an attack in Tawila locality in North Darfur.

Abdullah Al-Haj Mohamed Saleh, aged 65, was killed and 12-year-old Abdullah Al Radi Abdullah was injured during the attack.

- On November 19, Janjaweed militiamen on camels ambushed two IDPs from Zamzam camp killing one and injuring the other. The incident took place in the Gallab area between Zamzam and Kunjara in Tawila locality, North Darfur.

Mahieldin Mohamed Ibrahim Hamid, 27, was killed during the attack whilst Fatima Abdulhamid Abdullah, 30, was injured.

- On December 1, three IDPs were killed near to the local bus station in Minwashi Town, South Darfur. The IDPs were returning from their farm to their homes when witnesses state they were attacked by men wearing the uniforms of the Rapid Support Forces aboard six pickup trucks led by Hamdan Said and Hamdan Jouma’a, a cattle herder.

It is believed this attack was the result of an earlier incident during which the cattle of Hamdan Jouma’a entered the victims’ farms. They reportedly captured the livestock and handed them over to the police. The perpetrators stormed the police station to retrieve their cattle before then searching for the farmers in question.

The victims have been named as:

  1. Elshafie Mohamed Adam, 40;
  2. Abdullah Abdulrahman Shingilay, 40;
  3. Adam Abdullah, 25.

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