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Civilians are the victims of conflict in Darfur


An armed opposition group have established a check point on the road between NYALA and Al-FASHER, in ABU ZEREGA, north of SHANGIL TOBAY.

On Monday 11th of August they stopped a bus coming from NYALA and aought to extort the driver, Mohammed Ali Ahmed, and the other passengers. Mohammed Ali refused to give them money and struck one of the rebels with a knife killing him, the armed men then shot Mohammed Ali dead.

SUDO UK condemns the killing and ill-treatment of civilians and calls on REBEL Groups to adhere to international humanitarian laws, stop harassing and targeting civilian population and stop the unlawful looting and confiscation of civilian property and hand those who are responsible for the acts of killing, ill-treatment and looting to justice.

UNAMID must immediately act to fulfil its mandate to protect civilians in Darfur. It must fully investigate human rights abuses by all parties and make the report of investigations public.

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