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One Civilian Killed and One Injured by the Governor of North Darfur's Guard


Civilian killed near the governor's house, North Darfur

Nagmedin Salih Musa (30 years), was shot dead and Reyad Ismail Altahir was severely injured, near the governor's house in Al Fasher North Darfur. Nagmedin is from the Meidob ethnic group and was working with the Red Cross. He was shot dead after leaving the Mosque at around 2:00 PM on the 19th of March, by a member of the governor's guards. His ethnic group gathered around the governor's house calling for immediate action against the perpetrator. To disperse the crowd, the governor told them that he have sent the perpetrator to the police to face legal actions


Lawless acts and killing of civilians has intensified during the past four years, and it is being committed by members of armed forces and pro-government militias.

SUDO UK calls on the Government of the Sudan to enforce the rule of law and bring perpetrators to justice.

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