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​Civilian Displacement from Kalogi and surrounding villages South Kordofan - 12th March 2015


On 12th March, the SPLA-N attacked KalogiTown in South Kordofan which lies 50 Km to the South of Abu Jibaiha town and have one company of the Sudanese army (SAF). Kalogi lies on a foot of a mountain and runs from north to South in a narrow width to a length of about 5 Km, with the army garrison at the far South end.

The rebels attacked the town from the North at Gabrona neighbourhood, avoiding the army garrison and engaged in fighting with the civilian population which resulted in the death of 27 civilians and 25 injured. The civilian population managed to capture three 4x4 cars from the rebels and burning another. As a result of the attack an estimate of 25,000 persons were displaced to the outskirts of the town and loss of un-counted number of children and elders.

The rebel forces left Kalogi, attacking the villages of Tosi west of the town, then moved north to the village of Alrahmania, 27 Km South west Abujibaiha, which is inhabited by IDPs, then Seisaban, Tagmla and Kaboos, all these villages have no army presence. The SPLM-N soldiers have caused the residents to flee to the forest.

SUDO UK condemns the attacks on civilian population and calls on the warring parties to abide by the humanitarian laws and not to endanger civilian population or civilian properties. 

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