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​Brutal Attack by the Riot Police and the NISS on Al-Fasher University Students - 14th and 15th April 2015


In the context of a peaceful demonstration held by students of Al-Fasher university on 14th April 2015 calling for boycotting the presidential election and changing the regime, the Riot Police and the National Intelligence Security Service (NISS) arrested eighteen (18) students from Al-Fasher University and pressed charges against them under the Articles 50, 63 and 67 of the riot Act.

When the students were brought to court, a group of activist lawyers working as the defence team tried to interview the students and take their statements, but they were denied access by the police who took the students back to Shalla prison. All the students showed marks of severe beating and their clothes were stained with blood. Some of the students were unconscious.

Arrested 14th April

1-Taha Refa

2-Badr-aldein Hassan

3-Ahmed Adam

4- Abdallah Adam Abakr

5-Hassan Abdallah

6-Abdallah Suleiman

7-Hassan Adam Adamay

8-Mustafa Bushara

9-Ahmed Mohamed Haroun

10-Hayder Ahmed Eissa

Arrested 15th April

1-Mahjoub Yassin Abdallah –

2-Asim Abakr Abdallah –first year medicine

3-Abdo-alrahman Sabeel Yousif-third year

4-Hamzza Al-Daye Ahmed –first year teachers’ training?

5-Ishaq Ahmed Musa –Human development

6-Yousif Al-Nour Ahmed – fourth year teachers’ training

7-Ahmed Al-Rashid Khalil –fourth year teachers’ training

8-Saad-Al -Din Suleiman –third year teachers’ training

SUDO UK condemns the violent repression of the students' demonstration and calls on the Government to bring the security and riot police officers responsible for using excessive force against the students to justice and to drop all charges against the students.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to allow freedom of speech which is a fundamental human right guaranteed in the Sudan Constitution. 

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