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Bombing of Civilians in North Darfur


Ten members of one family killed and eight injured by government bombs in Darfur

At 3:00 pm, Sunday 20 Oct 13, a Sudan Government war plane attacked a nomad settlement in North Darfur, west of Khazan Jadeed and east of Shearia, killing 10 persons and injuring eight, all members of the same family. The family killed and injured came from Awlad Gaeid clan of the Rizeiqat ethnic group. Khazan Jadeed is 40 km south El Fasher Capital of North Darfur.

Those who were killed are:

  1. Abdelrahman Mohammed Salih Abaker
  2. Hamid Abdelrahman Abaker
  3. Aisha Salih Abaker
  4. Abaker Salih Abaker
  5. Beida Abdelrahman Abaker
  6. Hamid Mohmmed Abdelrahman Abaker
  7. Eisa Mohammed Salih Abaker
  8. Zeinab Mohammed Salih Abaker
  9. Khadiga Musa Hamadi
  10. Elfaki Adam Hamid

Those Injured are:

  1. Abdelrahman Mohammed Abdelrahman
  2. Nia'mat Abdelrahman Abaker
  3. Mariam Mohammed Salih Abaker
  4. Mohyeldin Mohammed Salih Abaker
  5. Kaltoum Ismail Ezel deen
  6. Elfadil Mohammed Abdelrahman
  7. Madeina Salih Abaker
  8. Hawa Abdelrahman Abaker


SUDO (UK) condemns this shocking attack on civilians from a single family in Darfur.

For years the Sudan Government has been indiscriminately bombing villages and other civilian areas in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile Provinces causing death and destruction to villages and crops.

SUDO (UK) therefore calls on the Sudan Government to cease all bombing raids in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

SUDO (UK) further calls on the Sudan Government to set up an urgent inquiry into the recent bombing raid, and to suspend all those who carried out or ordered the raid pending the results of the inquiry. Anyone who bombed civilian targets or ordered their bombing should be brought to justice and punished, and survivors of civilians unlawfully killed must be compensated.

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