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LJM-AK and SLA-MM Attack Rezaigat Shephards


On 26th of April 2014, a joint armed force comprising of SLA-MM and LJM-AK attacked a group of Rezaigat shepherds in Wadi-Um-Sonut area in North Darfur. During the attack four shepherds were killed, seven were kidnapped (three of them were released in the same day and the rest were released after few days), and around 312 livestock was looted and taken toward Chad.

Those who were killed:

  1. Alduga hamid Abdallah around 50 years old
  2. Mohammed Khater Ibrahim around 38 years old
  3. Ahmed Abdo-al axeez Tagal around 36 years old
  4. Hassab Al-Kareem Mohamed Ali around 18 years old

SUDO UK calls on rebels not to attack civilians and to refrain from endangering the civilian population. And Calls on UNAMID to investigate the incident and hold accountable those who are responsible.

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