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At least 200,000 new IDPs suffering in recent waves of displacement in Southern and Eastern Darfur


 Conflicts in Darfur, over the past three months (March, April and May), have led to huge displacements in South and East Darfur.

As a result of these diverse conflicts, which UNAMID has been unable to halt an estimate of around 200,000 persons have been displaced. They are continuing to arrive in Nyala.  Some of them have reached the camps of Kalma, Beleil, Ottash, Dereige, El Salam, and Camp 18, and some of them are being accommodated in school buildings. Several  thousands of displaced people have reached Alda'ain , Asaliya, Selea, Abu Hadid, Kasib and Baraka in East Darfur. There is very little assistance being provided to those displaced persons in terms of shelter and food. Many camps suffer from the lack of health service and even when facilities exist they are very poor, lacking medicines and medical staff.

In addition, the rainy season is just a month away and those who have displaced will not be able to cultivate. This will result in a very large food gap and serious shortages.

 The recent conflicts show the failure of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD), the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS) and UNAMID attempts to achieve peace and reconciliation in Darfur.

SUDO (UK) calls for a real movement for reconciliation in Darfur which should bring tribes together to discuss their mutual problems immediately act to defuse incidents before they escalate into conflicts.

SUDO (UK) calls for UNAMID to play a more proactive role, including by constant patrolling to make areas safe for civilians to return home and cultivate. Where displaced persons fear to return home they should be given immediate assistance in food and non-food items. In particular medical facilities should be improved in all camps.

SUDO UK calls to all forces in Darfur, including the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), allied militias and all armed groups, to ensure that civilians are not harmed during conflict and not displaced from their villages and towns. 

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