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Arrests after Khartoum North Hospital Protest


On 23 March 2013 a Sudanese group organized a public sit in "وقفه احتجاجيه "  in front of Khartoum North Hospital in protest against a court decision that mandated that the hospital should sell of the medical equipment as a result of the failure of the Ministry of Health to pay the supplier for its cost. Some of the protesters were arrested by the police, and later four persons were taken from police custody by the National Intelligence and Security (NISS), namely:

  1. Hatim Ali Abdalla
  2. Khalid Omer Yousif
  3. Salaheldin Nadir
  4. Maysoon Mohammed Awad

The four detainees were released at 2.00 am on the 24 March; however, Hatim Ali Abdalla was told to report back to the security later on the day.  When he reported back he was re-arrested. He is now said to be held at the political security offices in Khartoum North without access to family or any lawyer.

SUDO (UK) calls for the immediate release of Hatim Ali Abdalla who appears to have been arrested solely for organizing a peaceful protest. Every detainee has the right to access to family and lawyers and to be brought promptly before a judicial authority.

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