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Arrest of Darfuri Lawyer and Human Rights Defender in Khartoum


Lawyer and Civil Society activist arrested in Khartoum 13th Mar 2014

Abdelmonem Adam, a lawyer from South Darfur and a civil society activist in his early thirties, was arrested today 13th of March, at 3:30 PM, from his office in Dosa building, Central Khartoum, by four men from the National Intelligence Security Service (NISS) in plain uniform. The security members said they are taking Mr. Abdelmonem to the NISS offices the political section in Khartoum North. There is a fear that he will be tortured.

SUDO UK Condemn the unlawful arrest of the Civil Society Activist and Call on the Sudan Government to release Mr Abdelmonem and all those who were arrested as background of the Darfuri Students demonstration on the 11th Mar2014. The Sudanese Government must allow the freedom of expression.

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