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Arrests in Abu Jubaiha, South Kordofan


On the 2nd of October, in the background of anti-government slogans written on the walls of houses in Abu Jubaiha town calling to commemorate martyrs of the September 2013 uprising, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) launched night raids on the neighborhoods of the town and arrested a number of human rights activist;

  1. Aldaw Kambal Saeed–
  2. Mohamed Abdulghafar Saeed
  3. Al bosayree Salleh Omar
  4. Ahmed dam Al jarary

Of the following days a number of activists organised two sit-ins calling for an immediate release of those who were arrested or charge them and put them to fair trials, the government responded by arresting a number of the sit-in's organisers on the 8th of Oct:

  1. Mohamed Shuga Nasser
  2. Ali Tayseer
  3. Alladin Hussain
  4. Ayman Abdulghafar
  5. Alhaj

SUDO UK condemns the arbitrary arrests and the use of force against all human rights activist and calls upon the Sudanese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all activists arrested or press charges and bring them to a fair trial.

All activists must allowed access to their families and to a lawyer of their choice and the Government must investigate all allegations that the activists have been subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

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