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Arrest and Incommunicado detention of Human Rights defender Since 24 Nov 2013


On 17 February 2014 a military court in El Obeid, North Kordofan, postponed a trial hearing for human rights defender Saeed Mohamed Al Awad Mohamed. The hearing is now set for 9 March 2014.

Saeed Mohamed Al Awad Mohamed is a student at Khartoum University, where he is an active member of the pro-democracy Girifna (we are fed up) movement. Girifna's aim is to encourage Sudanese people to learn about their rights and start demanding them through non-violent protest. It has more than 7,000 members on its Facebook page, a YouTube channel and an online radio station. Its members have allegedly been subjected to tear-gassings, beatings and even torture.

Saeed Mohamed Al Awad Mohamed was arrested on 24 November 2013, along with his family, when state security forces raided his home village of Shamsagga in South Kordofan. He had previously returned to his village and had decided to stay with his family because of fears for their safety. His family were released, reportedly after suffering severe mistreatment by military agents, but the human rights defender was detained incommunicado for a further 2 months, before being transferred to the military court in El Obeid.

The charges against the human rights defender include “refusal of displacement”, for refusing to evacuate Shamsagga village on military orders, “espionage” and “collaboration with revolutionary forces”. It is reported that he did not have access to legal counsel before this trial, and there are no indications he will be granted this right before the upcoming hearing.

There are significant concerns about the health of Saeed Mohamed Al Awad Mohamed, as he was severely beaten during his arrest, and is at high risk of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment during his detention. It is indicated that he may be transferred to a hospital soon, at which point it is hoped that human rights organisations will have access to him.

SUDO UK join Front Line Defenders in condemning the arrest and incommunicado detention of Saeed Mohamed Al Awad Mohamed, and call on the Sudan Government to release and drop all the charges against Mr Saeed Mohamed.

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