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Arbitrary Arrests of Civilians by the NISS, South Kordofan Update


There continues to be large scale arbitrary arrests of civilians  from South Kordofan in the context of the conflict between the Sudanese Government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N). 

In addition to the indiscriminate attacks on civilians by both sides involved in the conflict, and the severe lack of humanitarian assistance to those displaced by the fighting, scores of civilians from South Kordofan have been arrested by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) in October and November. It is believed that they were targeted because they are suspected of involvement with or support for the SPLM-N. Their detention incommunicado without access to their families and lawyers is putting them at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

Names of the detainees from Alabasia, Tagali:

  1. Alshazali Hamad Alneel Saied, arrest on the 4 November (arrested in Khartoum).
  2. Alsadig Araki Abdulraheem arrested on the 26 October and was transferred to Khartoum on the 14th of November.
  3. Asmaa Ahmed Almnsoor Jaily, arrested on the 27 October and was transformed to Khartoum on the 14th of November.
  4. Mansoor Ahmed Almnsoor was arrested on the 28 October.
  5. Adam Alfaki Idris was arrested on the 27 October. He was later released.

Names of the detainees from Kadugli, all the arrests took place in November 2012, all the detainees are women:

  1. Alradhiah Suliman Tiah- a school teacher
  2. Amal Abdel Fadeel alnour- tax inspector
  3. Afaf Madani Nasir 
  4. Hawa Kubarah Musaad
  5. Maha Ali
  6. Rabiha Kylah- housewife
  7. Majdah Mubark
  8. Amal Abdulgader- Ministry of Finance
  9. Fatima Subahi
  10. Samiah Hussien
  11. Aiysha Hussien
  12. Bahjah Muwafi
  13. Fatima Makki
  14. Somaya Mergani
  15. Ihsan Ibrahim
  16. Fathiah Abdul Mutalib- Ministry of Health
  17. Rsail Murad
  18. Ahlam Abdulgadir
  19. Aliah Musa
  20. Zainab Musa
  21. Amna Yousif
  22. Um-Alhussien Abouzeid
  23. Tayseer Abdulgadir
  24. Samyah Zaroog
  25. Khadija Mohamed Badur
  26. Aiysha Himydan
  27. Fatima Mohamed Ali- A cook in The judiciary
  28. Nazik Basheer
  29. Hiba Abdul Rahman
  30. Rawiah Musa
  31. Asmahan Rmadan Makki- Medical Laboratories Technician
  32. Wijdan Ibrahim- an employee in the Radio
  33. Najat Ibrahim

SUDO UK condemns the arbitrary arrests of civilians by the NISS and is demanding the immediate and unconditional release of the detainees.  

SUDO calls on both the SPLM-N and the Sudan Armed Forces to end attacks on civilians and to ensure that they have access to humanitarian assistance including medical treatment.

SUDO calls for a reconciliation process to be initiated immediately which should bring peace to the border areas and allow IDPs and refugees from South Kordofan to return home.

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