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El-Fashir North Darfur update 1 Mar 2014


El-Fashir North Darfur Update

Abu Bakr Ismail Salih Aboh, aged 45, was shot dead in El-Fashir, North Darfur, by a pro government militia members at 10:00 PM Saturday 1st Mar 2014. Abu Bakr was driving his family back home after attending a ceremony with his relative, he was stopped by three militia men in a Land cruiser car and asked to give the keys of his car. He attempted to defend himself with a cleaver but he was shot dead.

His family carried his body to the governors' house but they were not allowed to meet the governor. Today (Sunday) members of his tribe demonstrated in front of the government secretariat building, the governor received some of the demonstrators, who asked for being armed to defend themselves but the governor refused and told them that the government is now bearing the consequences of its past arming of tribes, which it is not able to control. He promised that the police will find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The perpetrators are members of a Militia group, called "Eisa Almaseeh", who have been part of the justice and equality movement (JEM) rebel movement, who signed an agreement with the government two years ago. They are occupying an area in El-Fashir called Abu Karshola, which is used to hide looted cars, Motor Cycles and other properties. Abu Karshola is completely out of the police control and no one is allowed to access it without the permission of the Militia.

The "Eisa Almaseeh" militia is terrorizing the Civilians in El-Fashir by looting their properties and attacking and killing those who refuse to give up their property.

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