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​A number of Minors were arrested by the NISS and the Secret Police in Damazin 1st April 2015


A Joint team from the Secret Police and the National Intelligent Security Services (NISS) are going around in some of the neighbourhood in Damazin, (Nasr, Higra and Arkaweet), arresting male children (minors 16 years and under). The number of detainees reached 65 on Wednesday 1st April 2015. The team is lead by lieutenant from the secret police and another lieutenant from NISS.

The detainees are held in the head quarters of the central Secret Police Service in Damazin because the head of the central Damazin Police refused to admit these detainees to his station, because they are minors.

All the detainees are from the outskirt neighbourhoods of Damazin, their families were given no reason for the detention and the attorney general office in Damazin renewed their arrest period.

SUDO UK condemns the random arrest of minors and call on the Sudanese government to observe international laws in treating children and calls for the immediate release of the detainees.

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