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Clashes Between Bargo and IDPs in Hamidiya IDP Camp, Zalingei


The present conflict in Hamidiya IDP Camp goes back to March 2014, when most IDPs in the Camp boycotted the Social Peace Conference organized by the regional authority in the University of Zalingei in West Darfur. They boycotted as they felt that it did not represent them or their situation. During a peaceful demonstration against the Conference, three IDPs were killed by the police and national intelligence and security service (NISS) officers who were guarding the conference. However some of the IDPs from the Bargo ethnic group led by Adam Bahr, who had been running a small cafeteria in the camp for a long time, participated in the conference and performed some traditional folklore and Bargo dances during the conference. Since that time the IDPs in Hamidiya camp were suspicious about Adam Bahr activities and started monitoring him.

On Friday 5 December 2014 a group of IDPs detained Adam Bahr to question him. When questioned by six other Bargo tribe members about the detention, the group of IDPs said that they would not release him until they had completed their investigations. The six Bargo armed themselves and returned with the tribal leader, the Omda Mohammed Abdel-Haq Yaqoub. The Bargo surrounded the camp and closed all the roads leading to the camp.

After a short argument between the two groups and an exchange of abusive language, the Bargos opened fire on the IDPs killing Izzeldin Abaker Osman and Adam Ismail Khater and injuring four other people:

1-Younis Adam

2-Abdelrazeg Yassin

3-Al-Tijani Adam Khater Khamis

4-Zakariya Omar Mohammed

The IDPs seized and detained members of the Bargo tribe living within the camp, and the Bargo group detained 10 IDPs.

The situation within the camp still remains very tense.

One member of the Bargo tribe told SUDO that there had never been any conflict among the IDPs since 2003. He asserted that the weapons used in this dispute had been provided by the NISS.


SUDO (UK) calls on IDPs from Hamidiya and from the Bargo group from within and outside the camp not to fight or detain each other.

SUDO (UK) calls on all involved to meet and reconcile the conflict, including traditional leaders inside and outside the camp, and human rights activists. Women should be an integral part of this and all peace processes.

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